For more than 100 years, ZON has operated as a distinguished player in the international world of fruit and vegetables. The Koninklijke Coöperatieve Telersvereniging Zuidoost - Nederland, to give ZON its full name, was established in 1915 and was awarded the 'Royal' predicate in 2015 in recognition of its centenary. The essence of what we do as ZON fruit & vegetables is sell fruit and vegetables. This activity is supported by a wide range of services for our growers and customers such as marketing, logistics, packaging and quality assurance. The dedicated platform for growers,, is the common thread linking ZON's marketing and promotional activities. The majority of produce is sold via the ZON auction clock and through mediation and account sales. Central to the operating principles are the wishes of growers and customers. Growers, customers and employees all feel at home at ZON! ZON is located in Venlo and noted a turnover of €264 million in 2019. ZON has 85 employees and represents approximately 160 members.

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