At home with ZON

For more than 100 years, we have operated as a distinguished player in the international world of fruit and vegetables. Over the years, ZON has evolved into a leading marketing and sales organisation in the Netherlands and beyond. The Koninklijke Coöperatieve Telersvereniging Zuidoost Nederland, to give ZON its full name, was established in 1915 and was awarded the 'Royal' predicate in 2015 in recognition of its centenary.

The essence of what we do as ZON fruit & vegetables is sell fruit and vegetables. This activity is supported by a wide range of services for our growers and customers such as marketing, logistics, packaging and quality assurance. The dedicated platform for growers,, is the common thread linking ZON's marketing and promotional activities. The majority of our produce is sold via the ZON auction clock and through mediation and account sales. Central to our operating principles are the wishes of our growers and customers. Growers, customers and employees all feel at home at ZON! Our activities are mainly concentrated at Fresh Park Venlo, the hub of European food logistic operations. The more than 100 companies active in fresh & food based on this site ensure that millions of European consumers can enjoy the most delicious fruit and vegetables on their plates every day.
ZON is located in Venlo and noted a turnover of €291 million in 2020. ZON has around 85 employees and approximately 155 growers.


ZON's mission is to become the partner of choice for growers in the (south east) Netherlands and an effective, customer-centric marketing organisation that facilitates its members in doing successful business.


ZON aims for sustainable use of energy, raw material and resources. Our sustainability credentials are expressed in ways including the use of environmentally-friendly packaging and the use of biological crop protection methods by our growers. In addition, ZON regularly supports local and regional initiatives through sponsorship, often in the form of product sponsoring.


Brief History of ZON

1915 Foundation of Coöperatieve Veiling Vereniging (CVV)
1946 Merger between CVV and VVV auctions, continuation under the name of CVV
1959  Foundation of Venlose Groenteveiling (VGV)
1970 CVV is the first auction in the Netherlands to record a turnover of 100 million
1990 Merger between CVV and VGV
1991 ZON auction (Coöperatieve Veiling Zuidoost-Nederland)
2000 Launch of ZON Fresh Park concept
2002 End of activities in plants and flowers; focus on marketing vegetables
2008 Change of name from ZON Fresh Park to Fresh Park Venlo
2010 Acquisition of Sun Berry International and Blueberryworld
2015 Centenary of ZON, award of 'Royal' predicate
2018 Integration of the activities Sun Berry International in ZON fruit & vegetables /Royal ZON sells buildings and right to development at Fresh Park Venlo to international real estate developer Hines 


Working at ZON

Working at ZON equates to working in a dynamic environment. Whether you are active in sales, marketing, logistics, packing or a supportive position, the organisation is continually evolving and in motion.

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