added value for customers

Our key activity is selling the produce supplied by our growers. But ZON does much more than just that. Activities including grading, packing, logistics and quality assurance and this certainly applies to the marketing activities developed by ZON. Our growers' platform forms the basis for the marketing activities we implement for a number of important produce groups, from packaging to point of sale promotions.


The marketing team works on brand activation, communication and innovation activities on behalf of our growers and customers for various varieties of fresh, unprocessed vegetables. From asparagus to snack vegetables, from leeks to sweet peppers. The central focus in all these activities is our platform and related Social Media channels full of information and inspiration. With stories from our growers about their produce, information about which vegetables are in season, recipes to inspire you to try a delicious new dish, and information about current point of sale promotional activities. We cooperate with various parties on this platform with the joint aim of promoting the consumption of vegetables.

food safety

Food safety is devoted to top priority at ZON. Consequently, ZON has a Quality Assurance (QA) department specialised in food safety systems and residue and micro monitoring. Our team of experienced advisors work for the affiliated growers and our own organisation. This organisation is BRC, IFS, QS, RIK and BIO (On the way to PlanetProof).

ZON can advise and support growers through the process of applying for certification up to maintaining the system for all certificates relevant to fruit and vegetables. For example; GLOBALGAP, GRASP, QS and On the way to PlanetProof, but also customer-specific systems. For more information, please contact us on telephone number + 31(0) 77-3239717 or As already mentioned, the QA department is active in the area of residue and micro monitoring. Each year, hundreds of residue samples and micro samples are taken and analysed for MRL (Maximum Residue Limits) and use of crop protection products. The QA department can also help growers perform the obligatory crop registration.




Every day ZON's smart, efficient transport system collects produce from the growers. This product can also be delivered to the requested destination perfectly on time and of course, under optimal transport conditions: In Europe and beyond. Customers can also arrange to collect produce from Fresh Park Venlo.

Grading and Packing

In ZON's own packing station at Fresh Park Venlo, sweet peppers are graded on an ultra-modern grading line for the affiliated growers. These sweet peppers can also be packed in a variety of ways at ZON, including the well-known traffic light flowpacks. The customers' wishes are always leading here.

ZON is the market leader in asparagus in the Netherlands. So it goes without saying that customers have the right partner in ZON for asparagus in a huge range of packaging forms. We also peel the asparagus using the latest peeling machines in a dedicated peeling area.

In addition to sweet peppers and asparagus, we process a wide range of other fresh produce, such as leeks, chicory, courgettes, aubergines, snack sweet peppers, snack cucumbers and rhubarb.