At home with ZON: Growers

Growers feel completely at home with ZON. We facilitate growers in doing business by ensuring that we sell your produce effectively and with a customer-centric approach. You can decide whether to sell your produce via the market place, via account sales and mediation, or choose a combination of both. Our ambition in this respect is to become the partner of choice for growers in the (south east) of the Netherlands.

Lauran Geurts

Asparagus grower from Oirlo

"ZON is market leader in asparagus, I want to be part of that. "

Luc Berden

Celeriac grower from Venlo

"ZON is a unique source of quality vegetables and as members we add to the value of that range with our celeriac."

Marjo Engelen

Radicchio grower from Sterksel

"The cooperation with ZON is excellent and we make strategic decisions together."

Frank Bakker

Orange paprika grower from Sevenum

"I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation with ZON and the produce sales team."

Rob Beeren

Courgette and Asparagus grower from Neer

"Gele courgette zorgen voor kleur bij ZON, waar ook de kleine producten het assortiment groot maken"

Bert van den Brand

Cherry tomato grower from Uden

"We think along with ZON about the retail channel approach."


The essence of what we do as ZON fruit & vegetables is sell fruit and vegetables. Our produced is sold via the ZON auction clock and through account sales and mediation.

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added value growers

Our key activity is selling the produce supplied by our growers. But ZON does much more than just that.

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