If you buy fresh fruit and vegetables from ZON, you know it comes straight from the source. Our more than 200 growers produce their fruit and vegetables with unparalleled passion every day, you can really taste the difference! Unbeatable freshness! Our auction clock offers a reliable and wide range of produce, supplemented in the winter months by produce supplied by Spanish cooperatives we have partnership agreements with. Do you prefer to by via mediation on a weekly or seasonal basis? It's entirely up to you, but whatever you decide: ZON is ready to help you!

The Clock

The auction clock at ZON enjoys a reputation as a transparent sales instrument that creates a good balance between supply and demand for a fair price. A huge range of produce is auctioned via the clock every day, supplemented in winter months by produce grown in Spain - so you can purchase from us all year round. Our clock team is happy to provide more information. Over the years, the ZON auction clock has evolved into the ultimate marketplace for daily trade in the Netherlands.

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Account Sales and mediation

Customers who prefer to buy produce via mediation are in contact with a member of our sales team. Each salesperson has his or her own package of produce, so you always have a regular contact person for your purchasing activities.

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