The essence of what we do as ZON fruit & vegetables is sell fruit and vegetables. Our produced is sold via the ZON auction clock and through account sales and mediation.

The Clock

ZON intensified its focus on the auction clock some years ago. With success, because we sell  45 % of our volume via the clock. And don't forget; our payment prices to growers rank among the highest in the Benelux region. We ensure a reliable and wide range of produce, supplemented in the winter months by produce supplied by Spanish cooperatives we have partnership agreements with. This has significantly boosted the number of customers that buy via the auction clock over the past years.

Watch the auction clock film here


Account Sales and mediation

Customers who prefer to buy produce via mediation are in contact with a member of our sales team. Each salesperson has his or her own package of produce, so that each customer has a regular contact person for their purchasing activities. Certain produce is more suited to direct mediation with customers. We call this account sale, whereby our aim is to become the leader for a number of produce groups. Not necessarily the biggest, but the best. The online platform is the basis for a number of produce groups.

Sales methods

In consultations with our sales teams, growers can decide whether to choose account sales and mediation, or the auction clock, or a combination of both sales methods.

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